Languedoc Roussillon - Caves du Mont Tauch - Stand n°15

Languedoc Roussillon - Caves du Mont Tauch - Stand n°15


Who is Mont Tauch ?

Mont Tauch is a cooperative with 300 members. The Mont Tauch cooperative has 1915 hectares of vineyards in 4 villages : Tuchan, Paziols, Villeneuve and Durban. All vinification from Mont Tauch's vineyards is carried out at the site in Tuchan. Total production in 2006 was 12 million

bottles. The wines produced are 80% appellation wines including Fitou, Corbières, Muscat and Vin de Pays.


Mont Tauch's strengths:

Mont Tauch's position in the Fitou appellation.
Mont Tauch is the leading exporter of Languedoc wines to the UK (representing over 35% of all appellation wines exported).
Mont Tauch's control over all segments of the vinification process from vineyard to bottle.

Mont Tauch's capacity to react quickly to customer demands.
Mont Tauch is always looking at ways to streamline the business and give added value to products.
Mont Tauch's high profile sponsorship.