Burgundy - Domaine Richard Rottiers - Stand n°12

Burgundy - Domaine Richard Rottiers - Stand n°12


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Richard Rottiers, I am 30 years old and I recently started making Moulin a Vent wines.

I started my own winery earlier this year and I am currently working with 3.15 ha (approx. 7.8 acres) of vineyards that are between 40 and 80 years old. I have chosen to experiment new production methods that are environmentally groundbreaking.

My winery is located in Romaneche-Thorins. This location is no coincidence : this is where my partner Corinne grew up, and through our relationship I have developed a true passion for this land, its history, evolution and potential.

Before coming to this area in 2003 I had acquired a large experience in winemaking both in France and abroad (Chablis, South of France, South Africa, New Zealand ...). Prior to starting my own winery I was the winemaker for Chateau Thivin (Brouilly) and therefore became very familiar with this area and its “terroir”. While I was working there as the winemaker, Chateau Thivin wines received numerous awards from world-known wine guides and were often mentioned in the wine press.

2007 is my first vintage here in Romaneche-thorins, entirely harvested by hands. I vinificated it so as to express the nice fruit which was very present this year. Now, the wines taste very balanced. The high levels of tanins in the Moulin à vent grapes and the age in oak barrels give roundness to the wines.

I will propose two different Moulin a vent :

Moulin à vent 2007:

aged in old big barrels and in small oak barrels with batonnage, express sweet tanins melted in a nice red fruit and the typical Moulin à vent violet flower.

Moulin à vent « Climat Champ de Cour » 2007:

comes from an old vineyard which gives very small yields on a beautiful terroir. Aged on lies during 8 months in small oak barrels, non filtered, this wine could stay during 10 years in your cellar.

Best regards,



Richard Rottiers