Rhône Valley - Maison Alain Paret - Stand n°29


Producer’s name : Maison Alain PARET

Year of fundation : 1972

The founder of the domaine : Alain PARET

Story and introduce of domaine :

A.Paret was born in a since 24 centuries traditional wine area When his father died, he inherited fallow slopes. He was already passionately fond of wine, and he decided to plant a vineyard, on terraces supported by dry stone walls. The hillsides were steep, so it was almost impossible to use machines, and work had to be done by hand. But the terroir had a very good reputation, and, year after year, it gives a great quality.

Since 15 years ago, A.Paret met wine growers in South of France, and he decided to plant Syrah and Viognier, because he was interested to see plants with another climate and another terroir.

Now, his son Anthony is working in the Company as a winemaker, and he plants himself near Vienne, on the right side of the Rhone River. They try together to keep the traditional type of terroir , using the new technology and natural evolution.

Total vineyard surface : 61 hectares

St Joseph 15 hectares
8 hectares
Cotes du Rhône
10 hectares ( part in renting)
Vin de pays d’Oc
25 hectares ( part in renting)
3 hectares

Using cepage : syrah and viognier

Philosophy for wine making :

First of all, the most important is respect of the earth, microbiologic rounding, and way of waters. It’s why A.Paret doesn’t use chemical fertilizers and vine is well cultivated to be healthy. Then, harvest is made by hand, carefully, with successive picking. Wine making is done always in respect of terroir : it is decided during pips tasting, every slope has to keep authenticity. A long fermentation under temperature control process, during 3 or 4 weeks. Some wines age in new oak casks only, others need tanks. Racking is made once or twice, during maturing, to keep lies. Sometime, racking is replaced by injection of alimentary oxygen into the lies.

All of operations (wine making, maturing, bottling) happen respecting moon calendar.